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17 November 2017

Budget Proposal 2018

20 September 2017

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Youth Committee

It is the policy of TATECO  that our youth membership comprises of:

  • THE PEE WEE PENGUIN CLUB (from birth to 12 years)
  • And THE YOUTH CONGRESS (12 plus to 18years)

Aims of the Committee

The Youth Committee is a vibrant arm of our organisation, with our strong investment into the members…since they represent our future. The Youth arm was designed to:

  • Teach the concept of co-operative principles
  • Teach the value of thrift
  • To formulate young minds in other social and educational activities in preparation for participation in the Management of TATECO


The Youth Committee will formulate programs to suit the stated objectives for the Board of Directors approval. Activities include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Computer Literacy
  • Field Trips
  • Etiquette
  • Financial Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Computer literacy

Current Team

The following Youths were elected to the positions on our Tobago Congress:

  • President – Shannice Britto
  • Vice President – Jervon Thorpe
  • Secretary – Shereece McLean
  • Assistant Secretary – Romario Solomon
  • Treasurer – Mark Kyle Leacock
  • PRO – Janine Charles

Additionally all members of the Youth Congress are invited to register for the TTEC sports scheduled for May 2011 and sign on to Facebook – Tateco Youths.

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