• Members shall keep their microphones muted and video cameras off for the duration of the meeting, except for when making contributions for the meeting. A member shall use the ‘Raise his/her hand function on the Zoom Platform, wait to be recognized by the Chairman before unmuting your microphone and identify him or herself when addressing the Chairman.


  • A member shall only address the meeting when called upon by the Chairman to do so, when invited to make a contribution, click the microphone icon in the bottom left hand corner to unmute your microphone. If you speak while your microphone is muted a notification will pop-up prompting you to unmute same.


  • All members are asked to keep their cell phone silent. The vibrate setting can also cause disruptions. If you must take urgent calls, please ensure that your microphone is muted.


  • All members are asked to utilize the chat box to share any issues you are having so that the team can troubleshoot during the session with minimal interruptions.


  • All members are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Please refrain from sharing any explicit, violent or inappropriate content.



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