Youth Committee

Welcome to TATECO (POS) Credit Union’s youth program! Our credit union places great emphasis on empowering young people and building their financial literacy, leadership skills, and personal development. Our program caters to two age groups:

  • Peewees (0-12 years) and
  • Youth Congress (13-22 years)

We offer various initiatives and activities throughout the year to engage and educate them.

Youth Programs

On-the-Job Training Program for the Youth Congress

One of the key initiatives of our youth program is the On-the-Job Training Program for the Youth Congress. This program aims to educate our Youth Congress members on important financial concepts such as budgeting, savings, investment, and entrepreneurship. It equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions and gain real-life experience in the world of work. Under the leadership of our dedicated Youth Committee for Trinidad and Tobago, our program provides practical training and guidance to help young people develop financial literacy and prepare for their future.

Children’s Christmas Party for the Peewees

We also host an annual Children’s Christmas Party for our Peewee members. This event is aimed at promoting socialization and bringing joy to our younger members. With the guidance of our Youth Committee, we organize a fun-filled event with games, activities, and gifts to create lasting memories for our Peewees.

Beach Clean-up Participation for the Youth Congress

At TATECO Credit Union, we believe in instilling a sense of environmental conservation and community service in our youth. Our Youth Congress members are encouraged to participate in beach clean-up events. These activities raise awareness about the importance of preserving our environment and provide opportunities for our young members to contribute to their community.

Spelling B Competition for the Peewees

Additionally, we organize a Spelling B Competition for our Peewee members. This initiative aims to improve their literacy skills while promoting healthy competition and teamwork. Our Youth Committee works diligently to ensure that this event is educational, engaging, and enjoyable for our Peewees.

Etiquette Training for the Youth Congress

As part of our holistic approach to youth development, we provide etiquette training to our Youth Congress members. This program covers proper table manners, communication skills, and personal grooming, among other essential life skills. Our Youth Committee takes pride in organizing workshops and training sessions to equip our youth members with the tools they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Other Activities

Furthermore, we plan and execute various other activities that cater to the specific needs and interests of our youth members. These include field trips to educational and cultural destinations, computer literacy training to equip them with technical skills, public speaking workshops and competitions to develop their communication skills, and fundraisers for charity to teach them the importance of giving back to the community. Our Youth Committee works tirelessly to create a well-rounded and engaging program for our young members.

Youth Congress Executive

Youth Congress Board of Directors for Trinidad:

Title Name
President Arvinell Glenn
Vice President Elisa Ramirez
Secretary Kaitlyn Niles
Assistant Secretary Naomi Ramdass
PRO Alyssa-Lee John
Treasurer Dwight McKenna

Youth Congress Board of Directors for Tobago:

Title Name
President Nyinka Thomas
Vice President Adanne Thomas
Secretary Tamikah Cruickshank
Assistant Secretary Jenaya Williams
PRO Angel Nixon
Treasurer Khadija Abraham
Member Sanura Williams


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At TATECO Credit Union, we are committed to empowering young people to achieve their full potential. Through our youth program, we provide opportunities for youth development, financial literacy, and leadership.

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