Mortgage Loan

Necessary documents

First-time home owner

  • Deed of Property
  • Up-to-date WASA clearing certificate
  • Up-to-date land and building taxes
  • Valuation Report
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Copy of lease agreement (where necessary)

Previous home owner

Same as above

Maximum value & repayment period

Minimum of 120 mths – 10yrs or a maximum of 240 mths – 20yrs

Debt service ratio


Interest rate

First-time home owner –
5% per annum/0.417% per month on reducing balance

Previous home owner –
6.99% per annum/0.583% per month on reducing balance



How much can you borrow? Let's find out.

Step 1

Enter the interest rate

Per month on the reducing balance

Step 2

Enter the loan amount


Step 3

Enter the repayment period

Your monthly payment


Note: Our online calculators are intended as a guide only based on the information you input. The results should not be considered approval for a loan. To find out exact amounts you should speak to us. The repayment amounts and total interest calculations exclude any fees and charges that may be charged to your loan which, if they apply, will add to the cost of loan. Other fees and charges also apply. Conditions apply to all loan options.