Family Indemnity Plan (F.I.P.)

Coping with the sudden loss of a love one is a burden no-one wishes to endure, and you shouldn’t do it alone.

We at Tateco Credit Union understand this, That is why we offer a a death benefit plan, which covers up to six family members under the age of 76 through our insurance affiliate Cuna Caribbean Insurance Society Limited.

This benefit which is called the Family Indemnity Plan (F.I.P) which provides prompt payment for funeral expenses

Premium Monthly Payment Benefits
PLAN A $52.80 Monthly $10,000.00
PLAN B $79.20 Monthly $15,000.00
PLAN C $105.60 Monthly $20,000.00
PLAN D $158.40 Monthly $30,000.00
PLAN E $211.20 Monthly $40,000.00


Advantages of this benefit are:

  • No medical examinations or questions
  • Lifetime insurance coverage
  • Payment made within 2 days

Who can be covered?

  • The Credit Union Member
  • Member’s spouse or significant other
  • Children aged 1-25
  • Member’s parent’s or spouse’s parents

Contact us at TATECO Credit Union today to protect your family for tomorrow. Coverage begins from the first of the following month, after your initial payment.