Payment Protector

No-one can predict the future and the path their lives will take. It can bring forth fulfillment of one’s goals and achievements or a sudden illness, even an ill-fated accident.

Though one will always want to be optimistic, hoping to enjoy life to the fullest of health, it should be acknowledged that if the unexpected occurs which affects the ability to work, financial obligations will be neglected.

With Payment Protector, an insurance plan offered by our Insurance affiliate Cuna Caribbean Insurance Society Limited, your Credit Union payments will be maintained for a maximum of 2 years, ensuring that you are able to get back on your feet.

Who Qualifies?

Only Credit Union Members between the ages 18 years and 65 years with a loan, is eligible to for the plan even if you’re unemployed at the time of signing up, you can still get coverage.

What Payments are Covered?

  • Share contributions
  • Loan contributions
  • Ordinary deposits
  • Family Indemnity Plan (F.I.P.)