Composition of Board 2017-2018

At our recently concluded 62nd Annual General Meeting and subsequent meetings the following persons were elected to serve on the Statutory Committees.

Board of Directors


President – Mr. Kester Sealey
Vice President – Ms. Charlene John
Secretary – Mrs. Claudia Forde
Asst. Secretary – Ms. Bernadette Guy
P.R.O – Mr. Norman Bobb
Directors – Mr. Carlyle Clarke, Ms. Ann Marie Forbe,s Mr. Fellie Noel, Mrs. Gail Rajkumar, Mr. Herman Noel, Mr. Calvin Moses, Mr. Glen Riley


Chairman – Mr. Andrew Alfred
Secretary – Ms. Nicole Ballantyne
Member – Ms. Khadja Antoine


Chairman – Ms. Crystal Ganase
Secretary – Ms. Frances Hosein
Member – Ms. Valisha Sylvester
Member – Mr. Kenton Solomon
Member – Ms. Michelle Mora


Chairman – Ms. Coryse Small
Secretary – Ms. Simone Crichlow
Member – Mr. Gene Spencer
Member – Ms. Avalon Williams
Member – Ms. Ainka Joseph

Be guided accordingly.

By order of Management