Financial Intelligence Unit Obligations

Dear Members,

The Financial Intelligence Unit (F.I.U.) requires that all Financial Institutions inclusive of Credit Unions update information on their customers/members.
As part of the Compliance Programme, Financial Institutions/Credit Unions must ensure:

  • customer identification,
  • documentation and certification information and
  • other customer/member due diligence measures.

To meet these requirements under the Law of Trinidad and Tobago, your Credit Union has embarked on an exercise to update all such relevant information.
You would note, that upon entry of the office,

  • you will be asked to have your photograph taken and
  • you will be required to provide a utility bill for your residence,
  • copy of identification cards and other such information.

In this regard, we are kindly seeking your co-operation to ensure your Credit Union complies with the Law.

We look forward to your continued support

The Compliance Officer
October 23, 2013