New Board for Youth

The TATECO CU Youth Committee held its Annual General Meeting and they’re ready to serve.

The new Board composition is as follows:

  • President – Kareem Ford
  • Vice President – Kimberly George
  • Secretary – Candice Roberts
  • Assistant Secretary – Sherise Mc Lean
  • Treasurer¬† – Mark Leacock
  • Assistant Treasurer – Uche Alexander
  • PRO – Janine Charles
  • Member – Janyo Barker
  • Member – Tanya Bartholomew
  • Member – Shanice Britto
  • Member – Shurlana George
  • Member – Safiya Peters

The new Board has already started to plan and held its first Cake Sale on August 6, 2010 which was a success.

A call is being made to all Youth Congress to get involved! Contact the Credit Union office for further details or join us on Facebook at tatecoyouths.